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    Dear Scientific committee members,


    Symposium Theme for ISGPB2020: “Grapevine Interactions”

    The Local Organising Committee (LOC) took into consideration the prior topics typically covered at the ISGPB series of symposia; current “hot” topics; as well as important technological advances that are providing new insight and scientific scope in the grapevine physiology and biotechnology field. The LOC chose the theme of “Grapevine Interactions” since it is increasingly evident that novel insights are gained when considering phenomena more holistically  and has therefore compiled a list of Preliminary Topics related to Grapevine Physiology and Biotechnology for you to consider for inclusion in the Topics that will be presented for Abstract submissions. These topics will be refined, based on the abstracts received, to guide the selection of the final sessions for the conference and the final scientific programme):


    Four main themes and some sub-themes are presented below:

    1. Environmental interactions and climate change
    • Biotic interactions [Pathogens and Pests; Disease resistance mechanisms and responses]
    • Abiotic interactions [Stress responses; Adaptive responses, Management of stress]
    • Ecological and ecosystem level interactions [Climate change impacts; Metagenomics; Synthetic ecology]


    1. Physiological interactions that drive growth, development and ripening


    1. Fruit composition and quality-impact factors
    • Primary and Secondary metabolism
    • Flavour and aroma
    • Harvest decisions
    • Post-harvest processing


    1. Technological advances in support of Grapevine Physiology and Biotechnology
    • Grapevine Genetics, Genomic and Epigenetics advances
    • New Breeding Technologies and regulations thereof
    • Precision viticultural tools and technologies
    • Phenotyping tools and advances
    • Methods for Interactome analyses



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